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    The thing is, to bring this off you not only have to look a bit funny, but to act in a consistently self-deprecating way. I’m not sure Gove, the man who provided the Bible with a personal introduction, can do this. He’d start running up field-marshals uniforms if the Tories made him leader. Which would be fun…

  8. ☛ GCSEs to be replaced by Diploma in Mind-Bending Monotony

    'Education secretary Michael Gove said: “The qualification is just as applicable to bright children who think they’re going to be a famous author or TV intellectual, which is why we’ve included the module You’re Not Going To Be Will Self, You’re Going To Be An Office Administrator.”'

  9. ☛ O-levels and social mobility | FT data

    "If that were not hard enough, children are moving targets – particularly in the early teenage years. There is a lot of movement between standardised tests. One third of the bottom quarter of children at the age of 11 break out of that grouping by the age of 16."
    Interesting stuff from the ever-excellent Chris Cook from the FT about the potential effects of Gove’s plans.

  10. ☛ Michael Gove is doomed to failure: our teachers are too useless to be reformed whatever he does – Telegraph Blogs

    "You have to admire Michael Gove: a man with the righteousness of St George, the courage of Joan of Arc and the wisdom of the Venerable Bede."
    Seems like it would be difficult to get more stupid from there, right? Somehow this guy manages it. I’m not sure whether he’s trolling - he doesn’t seem like someone who’d understand the concept - or fictional, or maybe just the worst person.