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  1. ☛ 'Let's Get Social' is our new favourite corporate anthem


    'Let's Get Social' was the theme song sung at this year's Social Media Marketing World conference. And for perhaps obvious reasons, it's really caught on on the social media.


    This is not the video’s preview. We just like bacon-ninjas.

    Also, it is AWESOME: A thing of genuine beauty, akin to…

  2. Anonymous wrote...

    Can you please not kill Dick Grayson? Thanks.


    I can guarantee that we will not kill Dick Grayson in any Marvel book. So rest easy on that score.

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    ‘“This seems a little bit like a general attack on young adults trying to do something good,” she said. “It seems really sad that this is something that you’d want to do.” But the goal of my investigation was not to determine if the developers of the Soccket were trying to do something good; it was to find out if they had achieved something good.’

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