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Aug 22

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We Need to Talk About Silicon Valley's Racism - The Daily Beast

Aug 20

Fun With The New Doctor Who Episode Descriptions

Fun With The New Doctor Who Episode Descriptions


Comrade Lucian suggested I do predictions based on the episode summaries that have been released for the new episodes of Doctor Who, and also try to guess who’s writing what. Episode descriptions from [here][] (iirc they’re copied from the Radio Times)

Deep Breath – Killers stalk London in the late 1890′s. A…

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Aug 18




I think its amazing that hardcore oldstyle fan Capaldi has bullied Moffat into putting the show back into black and white.

I hear they’ve really dialed back the CGI effects and ditched the Murray Gold score too.

Most remarkable thing though is that he’s got them to reinstate Jeremy Bowen.


Snatcher / スナッチャー, 1988


Snatcher / スナッチャー, 1988

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Aug 17


Aug 16


Aug 15

Floating Utopias - In These Times

Aug 08