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Sep 17

Oasis UK - A MATTER OF INTEGRITY (abridged)

Sep 16

Third Way-ism and Hegel’s Bluff

Women MPs & the nature of politics

Sep 15

making TV programmes to make policy to go on TV with

The West Yorkshire snack vortex, his personal shopper, NHS computing, and FRES

Heritability & inequality

Your Dick In Your Hand

Shrinking the State

Sep 13

exciting posts forthcoming #BDF14

exciting posts forthcoming #BDF14

Due to the amount of stuff I’ve been doing I haven’t yet had time to actually post about a lot of it, so here is a short list of BDF events that I’ve attended and will be writing about in the near future when I get a spare few minutes:

The lovely people at Lighthouse also cross-posted my piece about…

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Sep 11

Shawn Elliott: The time that TotalBiscuit totally told on me.